Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dirty Snow as a Post Punk band who wanted to be Art

From an article on Post Punk :

Post-Punk: A History and Examination
Punk rock began as a response to the big budget, over produced music of 1970s. It was a reaction to disco and arena rock. So what is post-punk? The etymology of the word points to it being after punk, but that is not the meaning because punk music is stilling being made today. An interesting analogy can be made with literature to shine a light on the subject of post-punk. Modern literature did not cease to be written after the advent of post-modern literature. The two exist simultaneously as movements in literature. Thus punk and post-punk exist as musical movements. Post-punk is all most a catchall category for underground, indie, or lo-fi guitar rock. It is also the music most representative of the slacker traditions of gen-x.
So how did post-punk begin? It's a hard question to answer, but I think it began as a reaction to the nihilism of punk rock. Punk music was defined by its aggressive vocals, and often sloppy, simple instrumentation. More over, the punks were marked by their attitude, where as most post-punk musicians can be marked by their lack of attitude. Punk music wanted to create a revolution. Post-punk music wanted to create art. The D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself) ethic of punk was perhaps the greatest influence the genre had on post-punk. Post-punk bands initially avoided major record labels in the pursuit of artistic freedom, and out of an 'us against them' stance towards the corporate rock world.

Wild gig in Wigam during a tour as supporting band for Selfish Cunt

Review about gig in Manchester on the same tour

> Following with a much more mature sound and appearance were Dirty
> Snow. A band with an average age of about thirty, they
> bash ‘em out with the best of them. With the ‘wall of noise’-ness
> of ‘Sonic Youth,’ and the conservative gothness of ‘Siouxsie and
> the Banshees,’’Dirty snow` show a fierceness that would make
> children cry. Most striking is undoubtedly the leading lady. She
> looks like Shelley Duvall of ‘The Shining’ fame. Wendy Torrence
> armed with an arsenal of twisted, tortured writhing, gyrating
> ‘dance’ moves to send Jack Nicholson straight to hell. No
> discernible words came from her mouth, and if they did were hidden
> under the screams and wails of that wild banshee woman. But hey,
> who needs words anyway. The ‘Dirty Snows’ are not at all precious about
> their sound, giving it up for an energy that truly shakes and stirs
> the front woman. ‘Dirty Snow’ are not doing anything
> particularly new, if anything they are playing on old styles, but
> their energy is fresh, sincere and exciting to watch. It’s just a
> shame they burnt out after only 15-20 mins. 

James Bridge Williams
The Dry Bar, Manchester 2/12/2004