Saturday, 7 March 2015

Dirty Snow as Situation in S.I. terms following up

Dirty Snow was a performance project based in Situacionist ideas. The S.I. are explicit about what a situation is, I do not think Dirty Snow played to the Art Institution, proof of it has been its failure to even been aknowledged as Art,wile for me it was a clear "action" and a work of Art, even if the idea was only to push and provoke the idiots: “The happening is an isolated attempt to construct a situation on the basis of poverty (material poverty, poverty of human contact, poverty inherited from the artistic spectacle, poverty of the specific philosophy driven to “ideologise” the reality of these moments). The situations that the SI has defined, on the other hand, can only be constructed on the basis of material and spiritual richness. Which is another way of saying that an outline for the construction of situations must be the game, the serious game, of the revolutionary avant-garde, and cannot exist for those who resign themselves on certain points to political passivity, metaphysical despair, or even the pure and experienced absence of artistic creativity.” S.I.

Dirty Snow was an action, a situation, a performance and an ephemeral disturbance of established notions about sculpture, dance, music as ritual before or after art. The creation of a band as an art performance project in 1998 was driven by the nostalgia for a way of performing wile communicating(activating relations/reactions with the public on Ritualistic terms,exploring the borders between experience or ideas of mere spectacle/distraction)from an inspiration around our memories of post-punk and a post-post modern romantic point of view. 

This was a time,when digital music, electronic sounds and dj sets where ultra ubiquitous and bands where almost gone. 
When Dirty Snow appeared, with its traditional four person line-up and on its first live actions at Five Years Gallery/ Film or in some artist music Club (as was DiĆ³genes Club by Cedar Lewison at The Clinique in Soho)Dirty Snow was produced to be an specific site Situation,it was a pre-relational art and pre-socially engaged art too, because to create a space for ritual and mutual cathartic expression as punk-rock etc its too real a social activity even if it touches the politics of what capitalism has relegated as just pure Spectacle/Leisure.

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